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Need Help Managing your Business?


The day-to-day management of micro-enterprises is generally solely in the hands of the owners. Like large firms, small businesses face financial, production, marketing and personnel challenges and problems. Unlike large firms however, micros do not tend to have financial, production, marketing, and personnel specialists to deal with these challenges. The owner-managers of small businesses are very often responsible for all operational and administrative functions within their business. The more successful small businesses tend to be promoted by owners that pay particular attention to detail, that have proper management controls and information systems in place and that have an ability to respond quickly to change.

The Kilkenny CEB designs and delivers support programmes aimed at improving upon management capability and assisting indigenous enterprise to modernise, grow and innovate. The main objective here is to help owners strengthen their functional capabilities in a combination of areas such as business planning, management, production, marketing and finance, while at the same time facilitating experiential learning.

They provide a range of supports to assist promoters to manage their businesses more effectively, including:

information and advice. Avail of a FREE 'Business Information and Advisory Session' with a CEB staff member to discuss your ideas and/or business issues further
enterprise training and management development supports
mentoring service
technical assistance

Visit the Kilkenny CEB website for more information: http://www.kceb.ie/nhmub.shtml


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