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The city was designated as one of the regional hubs as part of the National Spatial Strategy Plan (2002-2020). In the coming years Kilkenny is expected to benefit significantly from industrial development and infrastructure investments.

National Spatial Strategy - Gateways and Hubs

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Tourism, Agriculture, Food Processing, Craft & Design, Light Engineering are the dominant industries in the area. In recent years local agencies together with Enterprise Ireland has been successful in attracting foreign inward investment to the area.

Glanbia plc is one of the major food processing companies located in the county and is an example of industrial development, which evolved from the agricultural hinterland to their current position as a market leader in the food sector.

The Craft industry owes its origins to the establishment of Kilkenny Design Workshops in the 1960's when craftworkers, designers and artists from Europe and elsewhere came to Kilkenny to associate with the vibrant creative environment.

Tourism continues to be a major revenue generator for Kilkenny, estimated at EURO 100 million annually.


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